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The fee for the Agent Prelicensing course is $599.00 and includes the 90 hour course instruction, your text book(a $75 value) & all class materials (additional study tools are available for a cost)

Once class begins, all fees become non-refundable.

All Licensing classes require enrollment of a minimum of ten students to begin. If minimum class size is not met by class start date, the class maybe canceled at the discretion of the school.

​Student understands that the Winn School of Real Estate, LLC makes no guarantee as to your success in achieving a passing score of the school exam or the Arizona State Exam; and makes no guarantee as to whether you eventually obtain a real estate sales agent license from the State of Arizona. Student agrees to hold harmless the Winn School of Real Estate, LLC, its instructors and administrator from any and all loss or damage that Student may incur as a result of or related to the failure to pass either exam or obtain a real estate sales agent license.

The total cost of the course is $599 and includes the registration deposit of $100. Once the class starts all fees are non-refundable.

The $100 registration deposit is always nonrefundable and is payable at the time you submit the enroll today form to the right.

You may pick your books up, if available, once the $100 nonrefundable deposit is paid. The balance of the course fee must be paid on or before  the day you start the class. 

If you have paid the entire fee and cancel your reservation before the class start date you ​will receive all funds except the $100 nonrefundable registration deposit.

Pay $100 Registration Deposit
​($100 Deposit is nonrefundable)

Pay $499 Balance of course fee

Pay the full $599 NOW!
Class Location
Classes are held in our classroom at:    

Step One Center
6717 E. 2nd St., Ste. D
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314    

The $100 must be paid at the same time that you submit the this enrollment form to reserve your seat.
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Is there something in your past that you think may keep you from getting licensed. Click here for the disclosure form that you must complete to activate your license.

Read one students testimonial how a felony from 40 years ago nearly stopped him from his dream of becoming a Realtor. Good news... he is now a Realtor!
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Students who engage in cheating during an examination or in disruptive behavior at any time during classes or testing shall be deemed to have forfeited any funds or tuition paid to the Winn School of Real Estate LLC, and shall immediately leave the premises when asked, and not be entitled to any refund, and no longer be students at the Winn School. They also shall not receive credit for any class during which such behavior occurs, nor shall they be entitled to any further instruction. “Cheating” for purposes of this paragraph means using or referring to any aids, sources or materials not provided with the examination papers, or attempting to do so; talking to any other student during an examination; or comparing answers with them. “Disruptive behavior” shall include texting, using a cellphone, talking out of turn, making noise or creating a distraction, being argumentative with the instructor, or otherwise engaging in any conduct that would reasonably be expected to disrupt the concentration or attention of other students or the instructor during classes or testing, whether such persons are actually disrupted or not. The instructor’s determination that a student has engaged in cheating or disruptive behavior shall be final and binding, and need not be preceded by any warning.