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Betty Winn has been a licensed broker in Arizona since 1989. She first taught the real estate pre-licensing course for Yavapai College in 2003 and formed Winn School of Real Estate, LLC in May of 2010. 
Betty's Blog

Betty's Blog


by Betty Winn on 05/11/13

Teaching is having a conversation with a group of people. You are sharing all that you know about the subject and they are reacting and responding. It is like a dance where the teacher leads and the students follow. When the dance is over the students leave implementing their newly found knowledge into their personal and professional lives. Good luck to all my students who have passed their exams and are now engrossed in their real estate careers!

I am so glad I am full time with my school.

by Betty Winn on 05/08/13

Monday, May 13th is the start date for the daytime agent pre licensing course. This classes sessions will also serve as make up sessions for the night time students.  The daytime students can double up with the nighttime sessions and finish the 90 hours even faster.  I am so glad I am full time with my school.

Professional Development Important Too

by Betty Winn on 05/06/13

A student's real education starts once they activate their license with a brokerage.  They will begin to learn the "how to" list and sell real estate.  Real estate agents world wide have always expanded their personal development through listening to motivational speakers. And now with smart phones and apps, personal development is even easier. Visit my new website at and join for free weekly videos that will inspire you to excel in your careers and in your personal life.  If you are interested in the business opportunity that iLivingApp offers listen to the informational video on the Compensation tab. Stay motivated!

ADRE Bulletin

by Betty Winn on 05/04/13

I just received my bulletin and read it from top to bottom. If you really want to know what is important to the department, just read on.  I especially like to look at the disciplinary section and see whose been naughty! Always telling... never boring. 

Daytime Agent Pre Licensing Course has been scheduled!

by Betty Winn on 05/01/13

Well, I just scheduled a daytime agent pre licensing course to begin on May 13th.  Students can take sessions in the evening and days to complete the 90 hours sooner. Visit the Licensing Courses tab at  for the class schedule and registration form. 

A Daytime Pre Licensing Course???

by Betty Winn on 04/29/13

A daytime pre licensing course maybe in the works.  I will be discussing room availability today and will be looking for a sponsor. If it comes together, students can double up and get done faster. This could work out well for some of my students. We'll see!

Contract Writing Class

by Betty Winn on 04/26/13

Tomorrow is the six hour required contract writing class.  We have 12 students signed up and it is going to be a great class. In the morning we will go over the contracts and in the afternoon the students will complete the required contracts based on a purchase scenario I wrote.  They get to role play and have fun. In the end, at least the students will know what a purchase contract looks like before they enter into the wonderful, real world of real estate. Good luck to all!

Government spurs growth... again!

by Betty Winn on 04/25/13

I heard on the news recently (and I believe everything I hear on the news), that the government is again encouraging lenders to relax their standards for lending so more people can afford to purchase homes. Although the wisdom of this may be in question, the results will be unmistakably another tick up in the sale of housing.  In our local market, we are seeing a surge in new home construction due to a shrinking inventory and an increasing demand on housing. It looks like we are in for a wonderful spring and summer in the real estate market.  Let's all make "hay while the sun shines"! 

New Look, Same Site

by Betty Winn on 04/24/13

Check out the look of my new website and let me know if something doesn't work by emailing me at!

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