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Betty Winn has been a licensed broker in Arizona since 1989. She first taught the real estate pre-licensing course for Yavapai College in 2003 and formed Winn School of Real Estate, LLC in May of 2010. 
Betty's Blog

Betty's Blog

Part of the American Dream

by Betty Winn on 07/30/13

In class I teach the information one needs to pass their exams and for a firm foundation as they enter into a new career. I seldom have the opportunity to pass on info that will assist the new real estate professional in actually selling real estate and this may not help anybody. 

I want to remind real estate agents to remember the family pets when you are showing property to buyers. Make sure you have checked the CC&R's so you know that the property you are showing allows the number of pets in the family.  

When showing property that has pets in the home make sure the pets are secure while your in the home and doors are all locked when you leave. Safety is everything.

And, that brings me to the real story... Owning a home with a dog (or cat) in the yard is a big part of the American Dream. Although I have owned my home for several years, we just completed the dream and adopted a rescue dog from Circle L Ranch. 

Her name is Emerald. We call her Emmie for short.  She is a Chihuahua mix and cute as a button. I'd put a photo up, but not sure how to do it in the blog yet. Having Emmie is a big responsibility and has changed our lives to the better.

So, be sure to keep the family pet in mind when showing and/or selling homes and remember they are part of the American Dream, too!

Students Passing at Exciting Rate!

by Betty Winn on 07/23/13

The last eight students from Winn School of Real Estate passed both their state and national portions of the state exam the first time. This is good news for the school but even better news for present and future students. We know that what is being taught is also what is on the state exams.  I am very proud of all my students!

Is Your Glass Half Empty or Full?

by Betty Winn on 06/24/13

Everything I've read over the weekend indicated that interest rates are edging up. This is a case of "the glass is half empty or half full". It is true that higher interest rates may keep some buyers from buying... or maybe they will just buy less house.  On the other hand, just the indication that rates are on the rise, will create urgency, and the buyers that are on the fence about buying will do so to get the lowest rate possible.  No matter what happens with rates, people have to live somewhere and whether your glass is half empty or half full, real estate is dynamic industry. So hold to your glass... and get ready for a wonderful ride in your new career!

Property Management Alive and Well in Prescott Area!

by Betty Winn on 06/12/13

Today Bill O'Leary presented Leases, Landlords, Tenants and the Law.  We had thirty-three (33) students! About a third of the students were from the public trying to get a grasp on the laws that surround this real estate specialty.  Maybe they will hook-up with a property manager during the class. For more special continuing education classes visit our website frequently.


by Betty Winn on 06/08/13

Many of my students that just graduated at the end of May have already passed their Arizona State Exams and are on there way to starting their new careers as licensed real estate agents.  I am very proud of all my students and wish them the very best.

A little known fact about out of state licensees getting their real estate licenses in Arizona is the Arizona Department of Real Estate will not grant waivers of education to pre licensing candidates from other states.  Candidates must take the 90 hour pre licensing course and proceed like any other applicant. This regulations has been in effect since February 2008.

I noticed that many of the hits on my website come from California and leads me to believe that many are real estate agents in California and are thinking about moving to the Prescott Arizona area.  I am not surprised.

New Agent Class Starting on June 5th

by Betty Winn on 06/01/13

The March class graduated this past week. I am still helping a few of the students to pass my final.  The new class starts on Wednesday and it is my biggest class to date.  We will be starting with 15 new students and 4 students from the past class. (They started mid-term). It is very exciting to see the school grow and become successful. Thank you to all my past students and good luck to all in your new careers. 

Doing Business

by Betty Winn on 05/29/13

My smart phone died this weekend and business would have come to an unpleasant halt if my husband had not saved my old smart phone.  After a visit to Verizon my old phone was restored and a so called new phone was on the way to me. I received said phone yesterday only to discover that it was not a new phone it was a recycled one.  The phone that died was only three months old. You'd think a large company like Verizon could afford to send a new phone out. But, not so.  Needless to say, I am not happy with Verizon and let them know exactly how I felt. Of course, my ranting did no good.  I am stuck with a used phone... it works fine... but that is not the point. Oh, well business goes on and all is well.


by Betty Winn on 05/20/13

The hardest thing about writing a blog is the actual blogging.  Finding something relevant to write about is challenging. So, in attempt to inspire, you can visit iLivingApp  and learn how to receive motivational videos on your smart phone. The monthly investment is only $9.95 and in a time when you seldom receive a good value for your dollar... well, let's just say, the videos themselves are worth that and more. So, check it out and let me know what you think... I value your opinion. 



by Betty Winn on 05/11/13

Teaching is having a conversation with a group of people. You are sharing all that you know about the subject and they are reacting and responding. It is like a dance where the teacher leads and the students follow. When the dance is over the students leave implementing their newly found knowledge into their personal and professional lives. Good luck to all my students who have passed their exams and are now engrossed in their real estate careers!

I am so glad I am full time with my school.

by Betty Winn on 05/08/13

Monday, May 13th is the start date for the daytime agent pre licensing course. This classes sessions will also serve as make up sessions for the night time students.  The daytime students can double up with the nighttime sessions and finish the 90 hours even faster.  I am so glad I am full time with my school.

Betty Winn
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