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Betty Winn has been a licensed broker in Arizona since 1989. She first taught the real estate pre-licensing course for Yavapai College in 2003 and formed Winn School of Real Estate, LLC in May of 2010. 
Betty's Blog

Betty's Blog

Winn School of Real Estate Secures New Classroom Site!

by Betty Winn on 02/22/14

After nearly two years at the Empire West Title Agency classroom, they are allowing their tenant to expand into the classroom space.  This means we have had to relocate our classroom.  Finding a new location in such a short time was challenging.  We found a very nice classroom at the Step One Center in Prescott Valley. It is located at 6717 E. 2nd St., Suite D, Prescott Valley. Our first class will be in the new location on March 24th.  A picture of the complex is in the photo gallery. 

Superbowl Sunday Has Positive Effect on Website

by Betty Winn on 02/03/14

After yesterday's lackluster Superbowl experience, we had fifteen hits on our website.  Even the commercials were uneventful. I wanted Denver to win... I would have settled for them just scoring a few more touchdowns to make the game exciting.  Well, I guess it was exciting for the Seattle Seahawks and their fans. But, I was excited to see that fifteen people were more interested in getting their real estate license than watching the Superbowl.  

Students Taking Finals

by Betty Winn on 12/16/13

Today, nineteen students are taking their finals.  Those who accomplish their objectives today will receive their coveted 90 hour prelicensing certificate.  I am estimating 75% of the students will indeed pass first time.  The 25% that do not will have a private one hour tutoring session with me and we will figure out why they did not pass.  Those students will test again and pass!  

Not everyone passes the state exam the first time but most that try again do pass and move on to their new careers. This summer we had 22 students pass both the State and National portions of the state exam the first time.  Passing the state exams the first time out is the exception not the rule. So, to say we were excited is an understatement.

I am proud to say that over one hundred students went through the school this year and it looks like next year will be an even greater year. My thanks to the staff at Empire West Title Agency and to Debbie Tuttle of CNN Mortgage.  They both sponsored my classes and helped make Winn School of Real Estate successful.

Our next prelisencing class starts on January 13, 2014.  If you know someone who would like to get their real estate license, I always appreciate referrals.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Final Pre Licensing Course for 2013 Underway

by Betty Winn on 11/12/13

We started the final class for 2013 last week.  I was pleasantly surprised when seventeen new students signed up for the class as this is an accelerated class... we will be done before Christmas. Next year we will be meeting four days a week instead of three and get folks done in seven to eight weeks versus ten weeks.  I think the new schedule will assist students in retaining the information for less time before having to take the state exams.  We will see if it makes a difference.  Anyway, it is not too late to sign up for this years' final class. If you know someone who would like to enter the class now, they can finish up next year.  Just have them call me.  

Students are Passing at a High Rate!

by Betty Winn on 10/08/13

I just received my pass ratio report from Pearsonvue for September.  The report shows that in September all of my students passed both portions of the exam first time out.  My overall pass ratio since May of this year is 85%.  I am very proud of all my students!

I'm Driving The Bus!

by Betty Winn on 09/19/13

When my students want to take the class discussion down the road a piece off subject I remind them that "I'm driving the bus".  I had to remind one class so many times that one of the students made "Betty's Bus" and gave it to me the last day of class.  Click on the Photo Gallery to view the picture of "my bus" along with other photos of my current and past classes.

So Proud!

by Betty Winn on 09/07/13

I am so proud of my students.  As of yesterday, 19 of 22 students passed their State exams the first time. The stats are as of June 1st of this year. This pass ratio tells me that what I am teaching is what is on the State exam.  It also tells me that the majority of my students retain what they learn in class.  

I teach real estate concepts so when the students test, no matter how the question is worded, they are able to select the correct answer.  Do they also need to memorize? Oh yes, and I have additional study tools the students can purchase to help them with the facts. Modern Real Estate Practices Flash Cards, is a packet of 500 cards covering all the real estate terms for the national exam.  I developed 288 Arizona State flash cards covering real estate terms specific to Arizona. 

There is a definite surge in the public's interest of real estate and that is evidenced by the number of students in each class.  We are averaging 15 students in the day class and the same number in the evening.  It is exciting to know that the future Real Estate Professionals coming from Winn School of Real Estate have a firm handle on the basics of real estate and will serve the public with that knowledge!

Building on the Rise!

by Betty Winn on 08/04/13

Everyone has seen the permit numbers from the cities, towns and county in the local newspapers.  Building is definitely on the rise.  Just on my street alone there are five new homes being built.  It is exciting to see the real estate market make a comeback. 

Getting your real estate license now while things are beginning to pick up will allow the new licensee to ease into the industry; get the training they need and be effective in their new careers.

Winn School of Real Estate is experiencing a high rate of passing at the state exam sites.  The last ten students to test all passed the first time.  Some are already listing and selling real estate.  I am so proud of all my students!

Part of the American Dream

by Betty Winn on 07/30/13

In class I teach the information one needs to pass their exams and for a firm foundation as they enter into a new career. I seldom have the opportunity to pass on info that will assist the new real estate professional in actually selling real estate and this may not help anybody. 

I want to remind real estate agents to remember the family pets when you are showing property to buyers. Make sure you have checked the CC&R's so you know that the property you are showing allows the number of pets in the family.  

When showing property that has pets in the home make sure the pets are secure while your in the home and doors are all locked when you leave. Safety is everything.

And, that brings me to the real story... Owning a home with a dog (or cat) in the yard is a big part of the American Dream. Although I have owned my home for several years, we just completed the dream and adopted a rescue dog from Circle L Ranch. 

Her name is Emerald. We call her Emmie for short.  She is a Chihuahua mix and cute as a button. I'd put a photo up, but not sure how to do it in the blog yet. Having Emmie is a big responsibility and has changed our lives to the better.

So, be sure to keep the family pet in mind when showing and/or selling homes and remember they are part of the American Dream, too!

Students Passing at Exciting Rate!

by Betty Winn on 07/23/13

The last eight students from Winn School of Real Estate passed both their state and national portions of the state exam the first time. This is good news for the school but even better news for present and future students. We know that what is being taught is also what is on the state exams.  I am very proud of all my students!

Betty Winn
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