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Why the CFBP is upset with Zillow - Can you be next!

by Betty Winn on 05/12/17

I just had a conversation this week with a Realtor who thinks it is okay to refer all of his buyers to his wife who is an escrow officer at a local company. Offering two other companies seemed beyond his cognitive abilities. 

There are still affiliate businesses out there paying for real estate licensee's advertising. Or, how about that mentor that tells their new mentee "Oh, we only use such and such title company, or lender, or inspection co, or... How about the real estate company that uses the same title company to sponsor their office meetings every week. Spreading your business around and allowing your clients to choose from a selection of service providers can keep the CFPB at bay. 

It may sound a little paranoid but once the CFPB is done with the big boys with the deep pockets, watch out little guys with shallow pockets. The government wants what it wants when it wants it!

Read this article to see why the CFPB is upset with Zillow!


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1. Jeff Barter said on 1/31/18 - 10:47AM
I believe giving your client choices leaves the experience on them. After all the client is your word of mouth and the best thing to do is allow them to make the decision and then share their experience.....3 choices

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