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Betty Winn has been a licensed broker in Arizona since 1989. She first taught the real estate pre-licensing course for Yavapai College in 2003 and formed Winn School of Real Estate, LLC in May of 2010. 
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Two Huge Announcements!

by Betty Winn on 05/06/15

First! Monday was final test day for the day class.  Two-thirds of the classe passed my test their first time taking it. Then, they went on to take their state finals and all passed those exams the first time, too! This quarter (to date) has us with pass rations of 95% on the National portion and 78% on the State portion. I am very proud of all my students!

Second! Our classroom chairs were generously loaned to us by Empire West Title Agency when we opened our classroom last March. I believe they were used when they received them and with as many rears I have had sitting in them over the last year, they have worn down even more. We decided to purchase new comfy banquet chairs for our students. You can see a picture of them in the Photo Gallery. Empire West has donated the old chairs to Stepping Stones in their continued efforts to serve their community. Thank you Empire West!

It has been a great start to a great month... Happy May to everyone!

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1. Gail said on 5/6/15 - 11:17PM
Betty. Thank you so much for your wonderful class. It was comfortable, professional & organized. The material was clear. You put us on a steady road that got us to where we needed to be. All we had to do was suspend all real life and study night and day, LOL. Actually, not really. The material was so well organized that a few hours a day clinched it. And it was fun. I loved the guest speakers. You didn't just teach us the facts, you introduced us to the business too. Loved that! Best of luck to you and your school, and all of your future students!
2. Kim Schroeder said on 5/7/15 - 12:55PM
I spoke with a Broker this morning and we discussed your class. She laughed at what she assumed was a good natured joke about my Real Estate class experience, however I was serious. I told her I actually missed going to class and the exciting things we learned about Real Estate law, local markets, and ethical conduct. I am proud to be one of your graduates and one of those who passed in Phoenix Monday less than 24 hours after the final. Your class was no walk in the park and you'd let us have it when we got off track or, heaven forbid, a cell phone was seen on a desk! You made sure we understood we had a job to do. We were there to pass that test and do so using as much practical real world knowledge as possible. Not once did I feel demeaned or otherwise treated as an unequal during the process. I cannot thank you enough for helping me believe in myself again after a very discouraging experience at another school.

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