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Betty Winn has been a licensed broker in Arizona since 1989. She first taught the real estate pre-licensing course for Yavapai College in 2003 and formed Winn School of Real Estate, LLC in May of 2010. 
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The Cheese Effect

by Betty Winn on 06/30/16

There are a lot of emails going back and forth between our PAAR Board of Directors and our members of the association about becoming part of ARMLS. I understand both sides and actually have been dealing with something very similar with my business... the business of education.
You see, a company from the valley has decided to test our market with their own real estate pre-licensing course. My first inclination was "Gee, six million people in the Phoenix Valley and they want to tap our little 100,000 population." After long discussions with brokers and friends, my husband (a very clear thinker) said something very profound to me. He said "You just need to re-invent yourself."
This I can do! Becoming more diversified in my offerings is something we are always striving for. Our pre-licensing course is already more than just a class to get your real estate license. It is an experience in learning the material one needs to get licensed, yes. But it is also an opportunity for students to bond with others, breakthrough any shyness, become more confident and reach for something they truly desire... a new career in a wonderful industry that offers the possibility to help others realize their dreams and build their own self wealth.
Change is never easy. I used to work at First American Title here in the Prescott area. When I started there in 2001 everyone had this strange piece of fake cheese on their desk. Once I felt comfortable enough to inquire about this odd desk ornamented, I was told about a meeting they had all went to called "Don't Move My Cheese". I believe it was based on a book by the same title. It is about dealing with change.
The one thing I have learned in my years in business is that change is inevitable. How we deal with that change is how we define ourselves. When change occurs it is an opportunity to hon our skills, reinvent how we do what we do, become better than any competition that may come our way.  It is a challenge; a personal challenge that we must all accept and become the BEST we can be in whatever field we work.
No matter which way this controversy goes, don't be caught off guard. Prepare to be the BEST! Don't move MY cheese... I already ate it!

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1. Angie Sumner said on 6/30/16 - 09:23AM
You go Betty! I ate mine too! A girl gets hungry on her way to the top!
2. Terrie Vaughn said on 6/30/16 - 09:28AM
We recently moved to this beautiful area. Being a Realtor in California gave us great knowledge, however, learning the laws of our new state Arizona was required to obtain our licenses. Change is exciting and difficult all in the same breath. We have had the opportunity to attend the Winn School of Real Estate the past 7 weeks. We have learned so much and made wonderful friends. Thank you Betty for all you do!!! Don't Move MY cheese :)
3. Harry said on 6/30/16 - 11:28AM
Excellent & Motivational 'Advice'. I thought twice about using the word advice, because more & more people today don't want to hear anything other than what they want at the moment. We can re-invent ourselves continually (in the modern world),as Betty said, or wonder why we didn't experience the "optimum" possibilities. Bless you all in your BEST attempts to attain more in every way. And Bless Betty for being bold enough to continually seek out new ways to Help others. Harry k. Keep on keepin ’on. Blessings, Harry K
4. Lisa Emory said on 7/1/16 - 07:10AM
Thank you Betty! You are so correct, change is inevitable, so what are we going to do about it? That is what defines us. What a brilliant bit of insight, thank you for sharing.

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