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Betty Winn has been a licensed broker in Arizona since 1989. She first taught the real estate pre-licensing course for Yavapai College in 2003 and formed Winn School of Real Estate, LLC in May of 2010. 
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Part of the American Dream

by Betty Winn on 07/30/13

In class I teach the information one needs to pass their exams and for a firm foundation as they enter into a new career. I seldom have the opportunity to pass on info that will assist the new real estate professional in actually selling real estate and this may not help anybody. 

I want to remind real estate agents to remember the family pets when you are showing property to buyers. Make sure you have checked the CC&R's so you know that the property you are showing allows the number of pets in the family.  

When showing property that has pets in the home make sure the pets are secure while your in the home and doors are all locked when you leave. Safety is everything.

And, that brings me to the real story... Owning a home with a dog (or cat) in the yard is a big part of the American Dream. Although I have owned my home for several years, we just completed the dream and adopted a rescue dog from Circle L Ranch. 

Her name is Emerald. We call her Emmie for short.  She is a Chihuahua mix and cute as a button. I'd put a photo up, but not sure how to do it in the blog yet. Having Emmie is a big responsibility and has changed our lives to the better.

So, be sure to keep the family pet in mind when showing and/or selling homes and remember they are part of the American Dream, too!

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