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Betty Winn has been a licensed broker in Arizona since 1989. She first taught the real estate pre-licensing course for Yavapai College in 2003 and formed Winn School of Real Estate, LLC in May of 2010. 
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New Disclosure Requirements for New and Renewing Licensees

by Betty Winn on 06/01/18

It has been sometime since I learned something worth blogging about... Well, this "something" affects new and renewing licensees. The Arizona Department of Real Estate (ADRE) has changed the game regarding disclosing of misdemeanors. 

Remember the days when we only have to disclose misdemeanors if they were within 10 years. And, felonies had to be disclosed forever. Now misdemeanors and felonies must be disclosed no matter how long ago they occurred. 

Some will not be affected by this change in any way. Others will now have to rethink their past, obtain all the documentation and submit everything to ADRE when renewing your license. New licensees will need to do the same when applying for the first time.

Why? Is the department trying to weed out undesirables? Have not those with a past of misdemeanors paid their price to society? How did this change come about? Well, your guess is as good as mine. A friend mentioned it was a change in Statute... now there are your tax dollars working for... WHO?!? 

You can view the form from the home page of my site.

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1. Lisa Whiting said on 6/1/18 - 05:40PM
Wow that is crazy! Gotta love those politicians!

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