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Betty Winn has been a licensed broker in Arizona since 1989. She first taught the real estate pre-licensing course for Yavapai College in 2003 and formed Winn School of Real Estate, LLC in May of 2010. 
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Is Your Glass Half Empty or Full?

by Betty Winn on 06/24/13

Everything I've read over the weekend indicated that interest rates are edging up. This is a case of "the glass is half empty or half full". It is true that higher interest rates may keep some buyers from buying... or maybe they will just buy less house.  On the other hand, just the indication that rates are on the rise, will create urgency, and the buyers that are on the fence about buying will do so to get the lowest rate possible.  No matter what happens with rates, people have to live somewhere and whether your glass is half empty or half full, real estate is dynamic industry. So hold to your glass... and get ready for a wonderful ride in your new career!

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1. R Higle said on 6/24/13 - 06:45AM
Betty, I totally agree. As an about to be homeowner again, not ready to lock for bout another 2-3 weeks I know what it feels like. My guess is the ig shift will come when the Fed actually announces it has downsized mortgage backed securities purchasing..probably around end of this year.
2. DeeAnn said on 6/24/13 - 09:08AM
I look at the glass as being half full! We all do need a place to live and people are now trending into smaller homes. I think interest rates are still great, in comparison to what they have been.
3. Felicia McKay said on 6/24/13 - 09:20AM
Hi Betty, Seems like the time is ripe for them to begin rising. In the past, the looming threat of rising interest rates had a way of kicking a sluggish market in to full gear; buyers decide not to wait any longer, and sellers begin to "rethink" waiting for a high market to sell; knowing it could end up working against them. All in all and in light of past markets, I think it's time!
4. David said on 6/24/13 - 09:21AM
Yes it is a wonderful time to be involved in real estate.
5. mark said on 6/25/13 - 03:58AM
i'm happy housing is getting any attention at all. for awhile the news has been all bad or not at all with regards to real estate.... let's get people talking again.
6. Sherry Denecker said on 6/26/13 - 03:38PM
My clients seem to sense an urgency to buy "something", and the sellers are thinking prices are not high enough. As for me, half full, half empty, I am just happy to have a glass!

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