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Betty Winn has been a licensed broker in Arizona since 1989. She first taught the real estate pre-licensing course for Yavapai College in 2003 and formed Winn School of Real Estate, LLC in May of 2010. 
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In Business Branding is Everything

by Betty Winn on 01/26/15

Over the weekend our household spent some time cleaning out the hall closet. I ended up sorting through some old photo boxes and found an interesting item; a vintage  Celebrity Drinking Cup and Pillbox. The tag on the back had been worn off but the name of the maker and that it was a cup and pillbox was displayed prominently on the top of the item. I thought to myself, "Gee, this could be worth some money!". Well, I Googled, Celebrity Drinking Cup and Pillbox and poof, (photo can be viewed in my Photo Gallery) just like that I had several websites to investigate my vintage find. Although it was only worth $2.99 on eBay, I learned a valuable lesson. Branding yourself and/or product is very important in business. Customers can find out about you and your company for many years to come.  We may not all be "vintage" but we all want to be found when someone wants real estate services.  Not only is it good for business, it is also a requirement of ADRE to prominently display your brokerage name on most advertising. So, if you have been in business for years or are just starting out, branding is everything! 

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