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Betty Winn has been a licensed broker in Arizona since 1989. She first taught the real estate pre-licensing course for Yavapai College in 2003 and formed Winn School of Real Estate, LLC in May of 2010. 
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by Betty Winn on 12/02/16

I was so intrigued by the cell phone business card holder provided by Julie Rother at OnQFinancial. I held it, placed it up to my phone trying to see how it would work. I finally bit the bullet… decided to take the risk… I pulled of the paper exposing the sticky stuff and placed it securely on the back of my cell. Then, I attempted to prop up the phone… fiddling for a few seconds until… snap! “What?” I said. Then turned my phone over to see the arc, then confidently set my cell phone down on my desk in perfect position for receiving and making phone calls. 

Someone at OnQFinancial’s R&D department is a genius. Oh, and… I also put some of my business cards in the holder.

Have a fabulous day!

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1. Terrie Vaughn said on 12/2/16 - 09:20AM
That is amazing. You describe it so beautifully. Kent and I will be there for the Water seminar. Good to see you again.

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